Healthy scalp & stronger hair guide

Discover Christophe Robin’s 2-step scalp detox ritual

Top tip: once a week give your scalp a fresh start and get rid of styling product build-up and impurities.

Detoxify with the cleansing purifying scrub

Every day, your scalp is sensitized by pollution, stress, and the build-up of chemical products (permanent colors, dry shampoos, styling products, etc…) – Take deep care of it once a week with the cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt.

This gentle exfoliating shampoo deeply cleanses, removes impurities and rebalances the scalp. Apply a small amount of it on wet hair, delicately massage the scalp. Add a small amount of water, lather, then rinse thoroughly.

Result: The scalp regains freshness and comfort. Hair looks shiny and stays clean longer.

Freed from all impurities, the scalp and hair fiber are then ready for an intensive treatment to finish off the detox ritual…

Fortify with the detangling gelée with sea minerals

Enriched with zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, the detangling gelée re-mineralizes and strengthens the scalp and hair. The product’s fresh gel texture detangles without weighing the hair down.

Quick and easy to apply, after the cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt, distribute throughout the scalp, lengths and ends. Lather then rinse. Ultra-concentrated, the detangling gelée delivers the efficiency of a mask without the leave-in time.

Result: The scalp and hair are strengthened, hydrated and re-mineralized. The hair’s vitality is restored, leaving it bouncy.


Maintain a healthy diet that is good for your hair

The liver is connected to the scalp and a healthy diet is also key. Foods that are rich in omega 3, vitamins and minerals will make your hair happy. These include oily fish like salmon and trout, nuts, flaxseeds, Greek-style yogurt and broccoli, which can all help to maintain the body’s overall health as well as that of the scalp and hair. 

Brush your hair gently

A small gesture but so important for your hair and scalp. Regular brushing is essential for stimulating blood circulation, which is responsible for hair growth as well as oxygenating and removing impurities from the scalp.

Avoid silicones

Used in many formulas, silicones settle on the scalp and coat the hair’s lengths for instant shine. However, this chemical compound is not soluble in water and tends to cling to the scalp and hair, smothering them and eventually suffocating the scalp and leaving hair dull and brittle.

Avoid dry shampoo

Or try to limit their use! It is essential to wash them out before bed. Going to sleep with dry shampoo is like sleeping with your makeup on. The skin regenerates at night and absorbs everything on its surface. That is why it is so important to cleanse thoroughly before going to bed.

Use a small amount of shampoo

People often use too much shampoo. Not always rinsed properly, the residues remain on the scalp and smother it: its condition deteriorates very quickly and starts to itch. All you need is a small amount of shampoo, lather with warm water and apply to the scalp only. The foam will spread through the hair’s lengths for gentle cleansing.

Take the time to properly massage your scalp

Every time you wash your hair, spend a few minutes massaging your entire scalp. Apart from giving you a pleasant and relaxing sensation, this will help to stimulate the blood supply and maximize cleanliness so you can leave more time between washes.

Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin

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