Why scalp care?

Facial skin doesn’t stop at your forehead. Often neglected, the scalp also requires special care and attention, all the more so since it plays a vital role in the hair’s health and beauty.

A pioneer when it comes to scalp concerns, Christophe Robin launched his cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt in 2013. One of a kind, the scalp scrub was an instant success in the industry – receiving numerous awards worldwide - and became equally popular with men and women all over the world, positioning itself as Christophe Robin’s bestselling haircare product.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Scalp

The scalp is fundamental to the hair’s health, and when it’s sensitized it can often cause deficiencies. This can lead to a lack of micronutrients, which are essential for balancing and protecting the hair fiber. The hair loses its energy and becomes weaker and thinner. Lacking vitality, the hair appears dull and lifeless.