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Christophe Robin’s Black Friday Haircare Guide

Christophe Robin’s Black Friday Haircare Guide
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert1 year ago
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With Black Friday just around the corner, so too is the opportunity to purchase the revered Christophe Robin haircare for less. Whether it is to gift, restock, or try something new, the award-winning Christophe Robin products are a timeless classic to upgrade a hair-washing routine to a luxurious ritual. Acclaimed by beauty journalists and haircare fanatics alike, Black Friday brings with it the unique chance to appreciate a daily salon-fresh feeling whilst saving money. Within the full Christophe Robin range is something to suit every type and condition of hair, from curly to coloured strands. This Black Friday haircare guide will simplify and explain each range to lighten the confusion and chaos that comes with retail's most hectic time of year.

So without further ado, here's Christophe Robin's Black Friday haircare guide.

To Care for Curls: The Curl Care Range

To begin, there is curl-care. Christophe Robin’s curl-friendly products encompasses all curl types, from loose waves to tight coils. The high-quality formulations are tailored to the unique needs of textured hair. This product range has been tailor-made with ingredients that leave curls feeling hydrated, nourished and frizz-free, such as shine-enhancing Chia Seed and weightless Kokum Butter.

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To Care for Colour: The Colour Shield Hair Range

Between trips to the salon, coloured hair can lose its luminosity and lustre. This can be caused by many factors such as over-washing, harsh haircare ingredients, and hard water. To counteract this, Christophe Robin’s Colour Shield range offers a two-step ritual to maintain the gloss and vibrancy until the next appointment. The colour shield shampoo and colour shield mask have been expertly formulated to provide care for coloured, bleached and highlighted hair, protecting and reviving the different tones.

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To Hydrate: The Hydrating Regimen Range

Dehydrated, dry strands are perhaps one of the most frequently experienced haircare woes. As a result, Christophe Robin’s Hydrating Regimen is an extensive range, featuring cream scrubs and melting masks. Each product is formulated with Aloe Vera, an ingredient that responds perfectly to dehydration, providing unparalleled moisture to each strand. The hydrating range has all that is needed for an intensely nourishing haircare ritual. From a gentle, pre-wash exfoliating treatment to a detangling leave-in mist, find the essentials to plump and illuminate dull and dehydrated hair from start to finish.

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To Detox: The Purifying Hair Range

Every now and again, the hair needs an entire refresh. Throughout time, a build-up of pollutants and product can accumulate at the roots to cause flaky scalps and damaged hair. The solution is a deep, purifying cleanse for both the scalp and hair. Christophe Robin's Purifying Hair Range is perfect for those that find themselves with sensitive scalps or dry hair in need of deep nourishment and a reset. This complete range of detoxifying cleansers, conditioners and treatments are formulated to de-stress, nurture and banish build-up on the hair from root to tip. Made with naturally sourced ingredients, the Sea Salt helps to exfoliate, rebalance and soothe sensitivity while detoxifying Thermal Mud draws out impurities to protect and refresh the scalp and hair.

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To Volumise: The Volumising Regimen Range

Finally, there is the ultimate solution for those whose roots lie flat and strands fall limp. Remedy lifeless hair with the Christophe Robin Volumising Regimen. Each product within this range is formulated with delicate rose extracts to provide long-lasting lift from root to tip for a full, volumising haircare ritual. Experience that natural, airy, bounce post-wash as the senses divulge in the rose extract scent. Transform flat strands with a salon-fresh blow-out effect from the high-quality formulations designed to boost your roots and confidence.

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With a Black Friday haircare guide at hand, it is possible to truly take advantage of these annual reductions. Use this time as a personal opportunity to gift a friend or yourself with luscious hair that looks salon-fresh.

Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert
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Josie is an Online Beauty Editor with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Her passions involve all things skincare and beauty and in her free time she likes to travel, read and get her beauty sleep.