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How To Give Hair Texture & Volume: 70s Shag Haircut

How To Give Hair Texture & Volume: 70s Shag Haircut
Rosalind Roberts
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Want to know the best way to give hair texture? Discover three Christophe Robin styling products that will help you achieve an effortlessly cool, shaggy hairstyle – for a soft, textured & curly look.

The modern shag haircut is incredibly popular right now – think choppy, layered, textured, 70s inspired haircuts. The modern shag has major versatility with soft, textured or curly styling options. A great shag haircut will add texture, create volume and create shape around your face.

You can embrace your texture for a – rock and roll – silhouette by airdrying or diffusing. Or, how about creating a soft 70s shaggy hairstyle with your round brush and blow-dryer? It’s the perfect cut to add texture to hair, plus the modern shag is super-wearable and versatile.

Get the best out of your shag hair cut with Christophe Robin’s styling tips that add texture and volume in all the right places. Adding texture to hair has never been so simple. Discover three Christophe Robin hair products for texture & volume below.


Adding defined texture to curly hair

Wondering how to get 70s hair inspired curls? Reach for the Luscious Curl Defining Cream with Chia Seed Oil, a lightweight conditioning cream that will give you silky, hydrated and defined curls. Start by rubbing the cream between your palms and apply to damp hair. Work the cream from root to tip and blow-dry using a diffuser or air-dry.

How to give hair texture? Once hair is 100% dry fluff out your curls for a truly 70s-inspired look. For coily curly hair, Christophe Robin recommends the Luscious Curl Defining Butter because it provides intense hydration.


Adding soft texture to hair
how to give hair texture to a woman with a shag cut with bangs

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Curious how to get 70s hair inspired curly waves? For this blow-dry look, you’ll need a curved boar-bristle brush, crocodile clips and the Regenerating Serum with Prickly Pear Oil. This serum will protect against heat up to 230°C (440F) and is super-fast absorbing, so it won’t weigh hair down.

How to give hair texture with a smooth finish? A boar bristle brush has soft bristles for a silky, smooth blow-dry. Start blow-drying hair in sections and use crocodile clips to pin curls up. Once all sections are complete, remove clips for a frizz-free, bouncy curls look.


Adding voluminous texture to hair
Woman with mid length shaggy hair

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Questioning how to get 70s hair inspired textured waves? If your hair isn’t naturally voluminous, Christophe Robin recommends adding a volumising spray to your blow-dry routine. How to give hair texture and volume? Reach for the Instant Volumising Mist with Rose Water if you want hair to look thicker, fuller and more voluminous.

It has been expertly developed to give thin, fine or flat hair a boost while delivering natural hold. Simply mist the roots and lengths of damp hair. It can also be used on dry hair as a touch-up throughout the day to add more textured volume.

Now you know how to style your shag hair cut and which Christophe Robin hair products for texture & volume you need to get the most out of your shaggy hairstyle. Looking for more styling tips? Discover How to Style a Grown-Out Fringe (and Still Look Chic).

Rosalind Roberts
Writer and expert
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