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Discover the NEW Colour Shield Cleansing Mask

Discover the NEW Colour Shield Cleansing Mask
Lydia Williams-Grant
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Beautiful hair colour can only be achieved with good care and maintenance. Anchored in colour expertise for over 20 years, Christophe Robin’s high-performance products are formulated with utmost care to respect vulnerable hair that has been weakened by chemical colouring processes. Discover how the NEW Christophe Robin Colour Shield Cleansing Mask could enhance your routine and enliven your chosen shade. 

Colour Shield Cleansing Mask with Camu-Camu Berries

Long live colour! 

Discover an updated version of the iconic Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask with Lemon. This ultra-conditioning shampoo is an intense treatment that helps to prolong the vibrancy and radiance of colour while intensely nourishing lengths. The Colour Shield Cleansing Mask with Camu-Camu Berries is an ultra-conditioning shampoo intended to be applied once a week as a deep treatment. It has an extremely gentle, low-foaming formula that has been expertly developed to help prolong the vibrancy of colour-treated hair. The creamy treatment has a delicate pearlescent texture that respects hair’s natural precious oils, so lengths feel intensely nourished with a glossy, long-lasting radiance. Ensure your Colour is vibrant and luminous, day after day.

The Colour Shield Cleansing Mask is a welcome third addition to the well-established Colour Shield regimen and is formulated to enhance the ultimate ritual for coloured hair. Originally composed of the Colour Shield Shampoo and Mask, the Colour Shield Regimen has become the must-have range for preserving vibrant, healthy hair colour, day after day.  

Perfect for: Coloured-treated, bleached or highlighted hair. 

Nourishing Natural-Origin Ingredients

At the heart of the formula are nurturing Camu Camu berries, a rich natural concentrate of Vitamin C. Grown in the Amazon, this fruit contains forty times more antioxidant-rich Vitamin C than an orange, as well as Amino Acids, Zinc and Vitamin B to protect the hair fibre from oxidation and boost hair’s hydration and shine. Sunflower Seed Extract, rich in antioxidants, helps to care and protect, reducing colour fade. The Colour Shield Cleansing Mask contains a high concentration of Macadamia Oil – particularly rich in proteins to help restructure the hair fibre – as well as fatty acids, wrapping hair in a protective film to seal nutrition at its core. This oil is combined with a blend of Fruit Acids and Green Tea Extract to create a smooth veil that infuses hair with softness to deliver a finish full of sumptuous shine and vitality.

How to Apply the Colour Shield Cleansing Mask

The Weekly Deep Treatment

Treat yourself to this deep treatment once a week to take the utmost care of your colour. This ritual is designed to help prolong the shine of the hair and preserve colour but also to protect and care for the hair fibre. Apply the Colour Shield Cleansing Mask with Camu Camu Berries onto wet hair, working it through the roots, lengths and ends. Leave for 5-20 minutes. Add water gradually while massaging the scalp to create a light, low-foaming lather and rinse thoroughly. Thanks to the formula’s extremely gentle cleansing agents, the product barely lathers on application. This ultra-nourishing shampoo provides intensely nourished lengths and luminous colour. There is no need to apply a conditioner afterwards. For hair that is extremely damaged, apply the Colour Shield Cleansing Mask with Camu Camu Berries directly onto the roots, lengths and ends of dry hair for an extra intense treatment. Leave for 15-60 minutes, then add 4-5 times water gradually while massaging the scalp to create a light, low-foaming lather and rinse thoroughly. Colour-treated hair is intensely nourished, with immediate shine and vibrant colour.

The Colour Shield Ritual: For Frequent Use

Formulated for frequent use, the other two products in the Colour Shield Ritual can be used 2-4 times a week to help protect colour from external aggressors. The two-step routine helps to seal hair’s cuticles to prevent pigment leakage and maintain both the shine and intensity of colour long beyond the salon chair. It provides a glossy finish to hair that appears supple and deeply nourished. Apply the Colour Shield Shampoo with Camu Camu Berries to wet hair, emulsify well and rinse thoroughly. Then apply the Colour Shield Mask with Camu Camu Berries evenly throughout the lengths and ends to intensely nourish. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Why is Protecting Coloured Hair Important?

Coloured hair requires special attention to stay healthy. Colouring treatments and bleaching leave hair extremely vulnerable and sensitised. When hair is coloured, the cuticle is left open, which weakens the hair’s hydrolipidic film. Damaged by these processes, hair is less able to defend itself against external aggressors such as pollution, chlorine, sun, sea salt and artificial heat. Over time, colour fades and deteriorates, which results in unwanted tones. It is essential to adopt the right haircare routine immediately after any hair colouring treatment in order to prevent the damage caused by colouring, repair the hair fibre from within and ensure that your colour stays beautiful for longer.

You wouldn’t wash your cashmere sweater with a detergent. The same is true of weakened, colour-treated hair. This is the image that Christophe Robin had in mind in 1999 when he created the Cleansing Mask with Lemon, an ultra-nourishing low-shampoo with mild cleansing agents. Long dubbed the “Rolls-Royce” of shampoos and widely considered a must-have treatment to preserve the health and shine of damaged or colour-treated hair, the product quickly become the brand’s bestseller.

Looking for more information on how to maintain and care for colour-treated, bleached or highlighted hair? Discover How to Maintain Coloured Hair on the Christophe Robin blog today, or, shop the Colour Shield Regimen today to enliven your chosen shade. 

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Lydia Williams-Grant
Writer and expert
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