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Discover how to keep copper hair salon-fresh with Christophe Robin’s transformative pigmented copper hair mask and the innovative colour-shielding duo.

Read on to discover why salon hair colour fades, how to keep copper hair from fading and why a copper hair mask will help maintain salon-worthy vibrancy, all year long.

Before and after picture from using the Christophe Robin copper hair mask.

Why does colour fade?

Beautiful, cared-for hair can still be affected by colour fade. The real question – how fast is your hair colour fading? And what can be done to keep your beautiful, vibrant colour lasting longer?  

Your day-to-day routine may contribute to the rate at which your hair colour fades; over-washing hair, external aggressors and harsh products can all strip colour. Curious about the best, most efficient way to stop red hair colour from becoming dull and fading? Simply reach for an at-home overtone for red hair between colour treatments.

Reasons for colour fade:

  • Over-washing
  • Hard water
  • Harsh products
  • No UV protection
  • City Pollution
  • Colour processing time
  • Hot styling tools
  • Infrequently colouring

How to keep copper hair from fading?

Looking to revive your copper hair colour and live vibrantly? Christophe Robin’s copper hair mask revives hair and deposits instant luscious colour.

Three Christophe Robin hair toner masks for blonde, copper and brown hair.


This rich, velvety mask acts as a copper hair toner that glazes strands in copper pigments and carrot oil to neutralise yellow tones, revitalising the richness and shine of elegant copper. An innovative mask that can also enhance the beauty of hair’s natural shade with a chic copper overtone for red hair.

What are the key benefits from using the Christophe Robin copper hair mask?

This nourishing copper hair toner mask is rich in almond oil to help smooth, soften and add glossy shine to your strands. It contains Nutritive Buriti Oil that leaves hair feeling nurtured without weighing it down. All the salon-quality results you’re searching for but with an easy, at-home application.

Swatch of the Christophe Robin copper hair mask

Discover how to keep copper hair from fading in 2 steps

Step 1: Colour Shield Shampoo

Start by emulsifying a small amount of product into hands and apply to wet hair. Massage your scalp and lather product into your hair with circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Shade Variation Mask – Chic Copper

Start by applying the rich, creamy copper hair mask from root to tip. Allow the copper hair mask to sit between 5-20 minutes depending on desired intensity. Rinse hair thoroughly.

For your first use, leave the copper hair mask on for a maximum of 5 minutes to evaluate the colour intensity. This copper hair toner does not cover greys and will wash out after 3-5 shampoos. Reapply when necessary.


What’s the best shampoo & conditioner for red hair?

Christophe Robin’s colour protect shampoo and conditioner provides complete care for coloured, bleached and/or highlighted hair. An innovative colour-shielding duo, containing a formula powered by Camu Camu, Macadamia oil and Pomelo oil.

Christophe Robin's colour protect shampoo and conditioner next to camu camu berries


Why use a colour protect shampoo and conditioner and not a regular duo? This innovative colour-shielding duo protects against colour fade with its antioxidant ingredients derived from Vitamin E and Vitamin C, protecting coloured hair from external aggressors.

  • Camu Camu (high in Vitamin C) nourishes hair for beautiful softness
  • Pomelo is rich in malic acid, helping to protect against discolouration
  • Crambe oil enhances colour so it appears more vibrant

It’s the best shampoo and conditioner for red hair as it protects against outside aggressors and it will help achieve luminous, beautiful and intense colour over time.

Looking for an anti dandruff shampoo for coloured hair?

With frequently colour treatments, it’s important to understand why scalp care is necessary. The chemicals in frequently colour treatments can make the scalp more irritated, flaky and sensitive afterwards. Often neglected, the scalp also requires special care and attention, all the more so since it plays a vital role in the hair’s health and beauty.

The Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt provides an anti dandruff shampoo for coloured hair by exfoliating and soothing the scalp. A luxurious post-colour treatment for sensitive scalps.

Now you know how to keep copper hair from fading, start reading how to keep your blonde hair salon-fresh at home with Christophe Robin.

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