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How to Style a Grown-Out Fringe (and Still Look Chic)

How to Style a Grown-Out Fringe (and Still Look Chic)
Josie Wilkins
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Going for the chop is always a fabulous idea at the time. An exciting and fuss-free way to refresh your look, a new hairstyle pairs well with a change of season or a new stage of life. However, a consideration that is often neglected is the awkward period of time when a few weeks have passed and so too has the novelty of a new hairstyle. Let's take the fringe, for example. How to style a grown-out fringe is one of the largest obstacles following a spontaneous trim. With strands that are too short to tie back but long enough to fall irritably into the eyes, one might begin to have severe regrets over their decision to experiment with the hair.

However, there's no need to fret. It is possible to work this awkward hair length in your favour. Keep reading for Christophe Robin's guide on how to grow out a fringe and still look chic.

How to style a grown out fringe with long and curly hair

No matter what hair type, there's one step that is essential to all when learning how to style a grown-out fringe: protect the strands. In order for the fringe to grow out as quickly as possible, it needs to be kept in the best possible condition with minimal breakage and damage. Therefore, to avoid prolonging the growing out process, always care for the hair with heat protectant before plugging in the styling tools.

What's more, it's important to understand that not all hair requirements are the same. For example, those blessed with curly strands thrive with lightweight products that are tailored to the unique needs of textured, delicate hair. Meanwhile straight, long hair might work best with products designed to enrich the hair with ingredients that provide a natural lift.

Now that the strands are nourished and protected, here's Christophe Robin's guide on how to style a long fringe and how to style a curly fringe.

How to style a long fringe

The easiest way how to style a long fringe, and one which is currently trending in the haircare world, is with a style known as Birkin Bangs. This style of fringe is a perfect combination of messy yet polished strands that skim the eyelashes and blend out into the rest of the hair. Parted in the middle, this simplistic, pulled-together look looks naturally elegant.

How to style a long fringe into Birkin Bangs

  1. To style a long fringe into Birkin Bangs, firstly part your fringe in the middle to blow-dry each side separately.
  2. Mist the roots and lengths of dry or damp hair with the Instant Volumising Leave-in Mist with Rose Water to lift the roots and add a natural bounce.
  3. Roll a Natural Boar-Bristle Blowdry Hairbrush underneath the hair at the roots and train the fringe to stay put in the right direction by blow-drying it back off the face.
  4. Pull the round brush outwards and upwards until the strands are dry. This will result in a tasseled, breezy finish that blends into the rest of the hair

How to style a curly fringe

How to style a grown-out fringe is a task on its own, so adding bouncy curls to the equation complicates matters further. However, once the art of how to style a curly fringe has been mastered, the result is an enviable, universally flattering look that is both sophisticated and chic. Curly Curtain Bangs are by far the easiest approach to take when learning how to style a curly fringe that is growing out. Parted in the middle or off-centre, curtain bangs work to highlight and accentuate the face's definition. Plus, this style allows the strands to progress into face-framing layers over time.

How to style a curly fringe into curly Curtain Bangs

  1. The first step to style a curly fringe is to use a hydrating, curl-defining cream. Rub the cream between the palms and apply from root to tip on damp hair to prevent frizz and create softness, definition, and hold.
  2. Twist sections of the fringe around the fingers, following the natural direction of the curl. This will disperse the curl cream to cover all strands of the fringe and lock the natural curl into place.
  3. Air-dry the curls using the heat-free curly hair drying method, plopping.
  4. Curly Curtain bangs can instantly add an element of elegance to a look when framing the face. Tie the rest of the hair into a high top knot or a low pony tail and allow some of the longer tendrils to fall out at the sides and at the nape of the neck.
  5. To remove excess weight, secure some of the shorter tendrils back off the face with bobby pins.

Whether the hair is curly and voluminous or fine and straight, how to style a grown-out fringe will always take time, patience, and effort. However, as the saying goes, there is no success without hard work. This guide will help you on fringe-growth journey from those awkward lengths to effortlessly blended tresses.

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