How to Plop Your Hair: Curly Hair Drying Method

Despite the name, ‘hair plopping’ is not another frivolous trend that will exit the beauty world as quickly as it arrived. A puzzling term, hair plopping is simply a method of natural hair drying that involves zero heat. Anyone can benefit from learning how to plop hair, however those blessed with curls will find it particularly beneficial. Curly hair is more prone to breakage, frizz and dehydration and in turn, demands significantly more effort and attention when drying and styling. Blasting the hair dryer after showering simply isn’t an option for delicate, curly strands. However, air drying can pull the curls down and make them lose their shape and bounce. That’s why this curly hair drying method called ‘plopping’ has been introduced.

But what is plopping and what on earth does it involve? Keep reading to learn how to plop your hair.

What is plopping curly hair

Hair plopping is a heatless drying technique that involves wrapping the hair into a micro-fibre towel to air-dry curls. Surprisingly, a cotton t-shirt can be used as an alternative and works just as well. To the naked eye, it may seem like how to plop your hair is similar to the usual towel turban technique. However, drying the hair with a towel turban is usually carried out by twisting the hair into the towel, which stretches out the curls leaving them limp and lifeless.

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What’s more, there’s a reason the plopping method involves the specific micro-fibre fabric (or piece of cotton clothing). The average bath towel has a harsh texture which rubs roughly against strands, causing frizziness. Terry cloth towels aren’t a preferred option either. These absorb too much moisture, something curly hair needs every bit of.

To compare, rather than pulling and twisting the hair into a towel-knot, plopping compacts and scrunches wet curls onto the top of the head. This helps to retain the curls’ shape and volumise roots for that bouncy, silky finish. What’s more, the soft micro-fibre or cotton t-shirt will prevent friction and frizz so the hair cuticle can stay smooth.

How to plop your curly hair

The way how to plop your hair is not complicated. In fact, the method consists of only a few simple steps.

After cleansing with the Christophe Robin Luscious Curl Cleansing Balm with Kokum Butter, the hair should be well-rinsed and wet. Glide the Christophe Robin Luscious Curl Defining Butter through the curls to intensely condition them and control frizz. This butter styles the hair for a smooth finish. It gives curls a silky shine and helps to hold their bounce throughout the day.

Once all of the styling product has been applied, each part of the hair can be scrunched up by hand. Doing this will lock the curl defining butter in place and will give the curl a boost, encouraging it’s spring. Whether the hair plopping tool of choice is the micro-fibre towel or the cotton t-shirt, it should be spread out on a flat surface in front of you.

Now that the preparation is complete, it’s time to answer the question: what is plopping curly hair?

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Rather than twisting, pulling or wrapping the hair into the soft towel, the approach is to simply ‘plop’ the curls down into its middle. Bending over, the ends of the hair should touch the smooth towel first and scrunch up like an accordion as the head moves closer.

Once the head reaches the towel’s centre, the aim is to hold the curls in this position as best as possible. Wrap the towel around the head. Twist the rest of the fabric into a tail, folding and tucking it under the back of the towel towards the neck.

How long should you plop your hair for?

A common concern is how long you should plop your hair. Is twenty minutes ineffective? One hour a recipe for frizz? The answer is that there is no set amount of time that you should plop your hair for.

Leave it held in place whilst getting ready for the day or cleansing before bed. Perhaps you’d prefer to leave it in overnight to reveal beautiful, luscious curls the following morning. If the hair is particularly prone to frizz, you may prefer to remove the micro-fibre towel after about 20 minutes to finish off with a diffuser.

Once the vibrant, voluminous curls are ready to be let loose from the towel, add a pump of Christophe Robin Regenerating Serum with Prickly Pear Oil to add that final shine and a soft, sumptuous feel.

With such a variety of hair types and patterns, this curly hair drying method requires trial and error to find what works best for you and your curls. Practice makes perfect. However, after experiencing the glossy, bouncy curls that can be achieved once you know how to plop your hair, you will never look back.

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