How to Stop Your Hair Dye From Fading

Stepping out of a salon with freshly coloured hair is quite a feeling. An air of confidence follows every step, a radiant shine emitting off every strand. However, what happens within a matter of weeks, when the brilliance quickly diminishes? The transition from vibrant to dull seems inevitable but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a few ways how to stop hair dye from fading, to keep hold of that lively shade after the initial few days have passed. Prolong the colour and confidence between trips to the salon.

Keep reading to discover Christophe Robin’s advice on how to stop hair dye from fading.

Use products for coloured hair

To begin, coloured hair requires a step further when it comes to hair-care. Besides the usual shampoo and conditioners that cater to your hair type, products for coloured hair should be implemented into their own ritual, dedicated to protecting vibrancy while bringing a soft and glossy finish.

This is because specific products for coloured hair can contain different ingredients to a usual hydrating or nourishing hair care regimen. These additional ingredients, such as camu-camu berries, act as a simple way how to stop hair dye from fading and help maintain colour vibrancy and shine.

For a routine dedicated to preserving hair colour, discover Christophe Robin’s Colour Shield Regimen. This essential duo works together to lock in shade intensity and prevent pigment loss. They stop hair colour from fading by nourishing the hair fiber and sealing the cuticles. Consisting of both a colour shield shampoo and a colour shield mask, these two haircare steps contain camu-camu berries to help maintain colour radiance for longer and result in a lustrous, glossy look.

Wash dyed hair with cold water

There is an undeniable comfort that comes with stepping into a toasty shower on cold mornings. However, the benefits of washing dyed hair with cold water may outweigh the luxury of warmth. Cold water is known to be the temperature of choice to lock in shine and luster to the hair and it doesn’t stop there.

Washing dyed hair with cold water is an effective way how to stop hair dye from fading and escaping the hair strands. Hot water opens the cuticle of the hair strand, allowing the colour dye to be rinsed away. On the other hand, cold water keeps the cuticle sealed shut, holding both the hair’s moisture and colour dye in place.

Use a temporary colour gel between salon trips

It’s common practice for natural hair colour to appear at the roots before the next salon appointment arrives. However, often times the roots can show their face sooner than expected. To temporarily conceal the re-growth, a colour gel is the perfect solution to carry the hair colour from one salon trip to the next. Christophe Robin’s Temporary Colour Gel helps to hide greys and re-growth by surrounding the hair fiber with pigments composed of 92% natural-origin ingredients. The colour washes out evenly over 5-7 shampoos, allowing you to conceal visible roots as desired. Whether the desired colour is a golden blonde to dark chestnut, the shade of the colour gel blends seamlessly for a natural and radiant result. This helps hair appear fuller with added luminosity.

Try a shade variation mask for an instant refresh

Finally, to keep the hair looking healthy and hydrated during the summer, one of the key things to do is to avoid chlorine as much as possible. Anyone with colour in their hair may have been warned that regular dips in the swimming pool can turn the hair shade brassy, leaving blonde or brown strands with green or red hues.

However, it is not just chlorine that can change the colour to turn brassy. There are other things to take into account that are simply unavoidable, such as the mineral content in the water.

woman with coloured hair

In these cases, it’s best to use a shade variation mask formulated to nourish and revive a specific hair hue. These masks use the power of contrast as effectively as a salon toner to neutralise fading, dullness and unwanted brassy tones.

However, different shades require different products for coloured hair. Baby blonde strands benefit from a hair mask with a unique blend of iridescent pigments and florentina iris to help neutralise yellow tones. Meanwhile, ash brown locks can require a unique blend of blue pigments and licorice extracts to rid of red brassiness. Discover Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation Masks, each expertly formulated for different shades of hair that can be affected by brassiness.

To conclude, unfortunately, hair dye does not last forever. Between growing strands and harsh waters, maintaining a fresh colour between salon appointments requires attention and effort. The right techniques combined with products for hair colour are the key to stop hair dye from fading as much as possible and to emit that salon-fresh confidence every day.

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