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Is your hair colour safe in the summer months?

Is your hair colour safe in the summer months?

Your holiday is drawing near and soon you’ll be bathing your locks in the sun by the pool or on the beach, which means you need to take care of your coloured hair.

Take care of your coloured hair:

As it is inherently sensitive and risks fading in the sun. Blond shades may even turn green in the worst case scenario. To maintain that gorgeous feel and beautiful vibrant colour, I recommend following a few simple rules. First, avoid swimming in the sea if you have just coloured your hair as this will dry it out. Don’t plunge into the pool either as chlorine will strip colour from your locks. The classic swimming hat can be a hair lifesaver!

If you coloured your hair a few days before:

Protect your hair and scalp with products as much as possible during exposure. This helps to maintain a natural texture. A high SPF is essential! My Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender is packed full of active ingredients (97.5% natural oils and SPF6) which will nourish your hair gently and intensely, without affecting the colour pigments. It is your best ally for maintaining beautiful hair all summer long.

Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly in the evening to remove salt, chlorine and sun products applied during the day

Avoid shampoo containing detergents at all costs. I recommend replacing shampoo with my Cleansing Mask with Lemon, which gently cleanses and hydrates hair with no parabens or silicon. By following my advice, I promise your colour will be waterproof and your hair will be enhanced by the sun!

An extra little tip:

If your blond locks are turning green, all you need to do is dissolve a sachet of aspirin in a glass of water, then dip your hair in it for 5 minutes.

John Parker

John Parker

Writer and expert