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How To Hide Grey Hairs

How to hide your greys

The appearance of the first greys can feel like an unwelcome sight: a new concern that can bother and even become a daily obsession for some.
With plenty of women choosing to embrace their silver strands, many others also want to keep them at bay for as long as possible – while keeping their natural colour, their texture and avoiding the root effect trap.

Here are a few tips to hide them!

– The highlights option

Although it’s a permanent option, if you don’t have too many greys it’s a good way to hide them while keeping it low maintenance.
Highlighted hair tends to require good care, so make sure to always use oil rich products to deeply nourish, protect and keep the hair healthy.

– Parting your hair differently

Simply choosing a different way to part your hair or a new hairstyle can hide the few greys you have.
It’s the easiest solution and change can be a good thing!

– Consult a colourist

Everybody’s different, perhaps consult your colourist and check what would be the best solution for you depending on what you like and dislike!

– Temporary hair colour

There are very few options today that allow to cover greys without impacting the hair or scalp. My Temporary colour gels are a great way to start covering your first greys without the commitment of having to go to the hair salon and colour your full hair every 3-weeks (especially if you like your natural colour). The pigments fade evenly within 5 to 7 shampoos and there is no root effect. The applicator brush even allows for an easy and targeted application.

Who is it for? These temporary colour gels will be ideal if:

– You want to target your greys
– You have a sensitive scalp & skin
– You want to transition from permanent hair colour
– You love your hair colour and don’t want to change it because of your first greys

Here are a few tips to customise each application depending on the result you want

– To better target your greys, you can dry your hair after shampooing and apply the colour gel on dry hair. Leave it on for 40 min, then rinse thoroughly.

– If you are only touching up your roots or covering a few greys, I always recommend putting a deep conditioning mask on your lengths – that way, when it’s time to rinse, the pigments won’t grab onto your lengths.

– If your roots and lengths are different shades you can apply one to the roots and the other one to your lengths, let it sit and simply rinse off once the time is up.

Everything you need to know about greys:

– If you pull out one grey hair, will ten others grow back?
This is simply a legend. If you pull one out, only one will grow back.

– Do greys have a different structure?
When a grey hair is pulled out, especially repetitively, the follicle can become “damaged”. In some cases, it can grow back differently (wavy, undisciplined, etc.). However, contrary to popular belief, a grey hair does not have a different structure than a hair of its original colour. It becomes rougher over time due to the sebaceous glands secreting a decreasing amount of sebum. This can give the impression of thickness.

– Are my parents a good indication as to the age at which I will get my first greys?
Indeed, the appearance of the first greys, a condition called “canities” – and the multiplication of greys, depend on genetic factors. The age at which your parents and grandparents got their first greys is a good indication as to your own. The bulb is no longer producing melanin, and in the absence of pigment, the hair becomes grey.

– How long after the appearance of my first greys will my hair be “salt-and-pepper”?
On average, when a person notices the first greys, the effect will multiply over the following ten years.


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