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What is the best routine for combination hair?

Stress, pollution, or even the use of harsh products cause damage to your scalp. As a result your scalp can be sensitised, your roots become more oily, your ends are dry, and it becomes impossible to get rid of dandruff…

How do I resolve this?

I have a solution specifically created for combination hair: my purifying shampoo with jujube bark extract, a cleansing treatment – perfect for women and men alike – and ideal for all hair types, natural and coloured. Its unique formula, which combines jujube bark extracts – offers a powerful anti-dandruff action and is 100% natural. Cherry flower extract, known for its hydrating virtues, will quickly rebalance your scalp and relieve itchiness.

Used daily, this treatment will regulate sebum and completely eliminate dandruff…

The formula is gentle with a texture of airy enjoyable foam and the smell provides a true sensation of well-being – overall, a real moment of pleasure for your hair! For me, it is the best way to regain light and incredibly shiny hair from my roots to the ends

My extra tip:

Discover my routine to keep my hair clean, shiny and healthy on the long-term: once a week, alternate this shampoo with a scrub for your scalp by using my Purifying Scrub with sea salt. Then, on wet hair, use my purifying lotion with sage vinegar. This final touch will allow you to space out your shampoo washes while relieving your scalp. Perfect to keep you hair light and clean for a long time!

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