The subtle way to go blonde

The subtle way to go blonde

All women dream of being blond, but it doesn’t suit all complexions. It is difficult for me to grant this wish to women with very dark skin and dark-colored eyes, for example.

How do you spot a beautiful blonde?

It’s simple: It demands respect, the shade is a little cool but natural, like Catherine Deneuve’s iconic blond that I have created and maintained for two decades. My Shade Variation Care Baby Blond is absolutely perfect for removing yellow tones, leaving you with beautiful, translucent, baby blond hair.

If you have a slightly tanned complexion…

Golden blond shades will suit you best. Think Blake Lively or Clémence Poésy. Naturally, maintain your color with my Shade Variation Care Golden Blond. This helps to achieve an incredible, lasting shine that is guaranteed to make you look great. For this, leave the treatment on for 5 to 30 minutes (depending on the desired intensity) under a shower cap.

If you want a blond shade with more character…

Try strawberry blond, which is slightly reddish. Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson have already been seduced. To maintain it, my Shade Variation Care Chic Red will suit you best.

An extra little tip

Put a very hot towel over your shower cap to boost the effects of the product when you apply it! Result: your hair is immaculate and nourished and your color remains an elegant blond.

If blonde is not the shade for you…

Use highlights to create a similar effect, opting for golden or honey tones. Highlights create a wonderful contrast and will give fine hair the impression of volume. Ombré highlights will add light without affecting your color.

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