Easy hairstyles to create a stylish and messy look

Easy hairstyles to create a stylish and messy look

The current trend is for “nude hair”.

Over-worked textures and heavy styles are a thing of the past

Women now want more simplicity : bounce, an authentic feel, natural radiance and lasting freshness… But how can you go natural and still be stylish in summer ?

Wet look for summer evenings

Rinse and towel-dry your hair as soon as you get out of the sea or pool. Apply two or three drops of Moisturizing hair oil with lavender and coil hair into a messy topknot.

Leave hair to dry and untie it in the evening for tousled waves like Gisele Bündchen. Use the same concept but braid your hair instead, which will leave you with bohemian waves when you untie it in the evening.

Give your style some support

If your hair sometimes looks fluffy, apply a small amount of my Moisturizing Hair Cream on dry hair, concentrating on the hairline and ends. Its non-greasy, non-stick texture will enable you to style your hair without destroying its natural movement.

Protect and style

Before styling, spray my instant volumizing mist with rose water on damp towel-dried hair, concentrating on the roots and lengths. Then put hair in curlers and re-spray with the mist.

Heat it for 1 minute by holding the hairdryer away from the hair, then let it cool down for 10 minutes before removing the curlers.

Now you’ve styled your hair without subjecting it to aggressive heat. There is nothing worse than too much heat when hair is still damp!

Cannes secret

Here’s a little tip used by stars on the red carpet to tame “baby hairs”, little flyaway strands at the nape of the neck or around the face (especially when hair is tied back): apply a small amount of my intense regenerating balm with rare prickly pear oil to keep them under control. This will give you a subtle, modern look.

This balm can also be really useful for giving your bun a modern look. Soften your look by leaving it a little undone and use the intense regenerating balm with rare prickly pear oil to muss loose strands for a disarmingly natural look.

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