How to detox the scalp

How to detox the scalp

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, it is essential to remove impurities from your scalp and let it breathe.

The scalp being an extension of the skin, needs to be cared for the same way one would care for their skin. This being said, the root to healthy hair, is a healthy and balanced scalp. This helps ensure the hair grows long and strong, hence it is important to detox and remove all impurities and product build-up.

There are a number of reasons why a scalp detox once a week is essential:

The accumulation of styling products and dry shampoos, or not rinsing your shampoo or conditioners well enough, alongside stress and pollution all contribute to causing build-up on the scalp.

In an attempt to answer this problem and taking inspiration from traditional recipes based on sea salt, I decided to get to work with my formulators to develop a specific moisturising and purifying care for sensitive and oily scalps.

Use the cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt

This was the first scalp scrub on the market created to effectively remove colour pigment residues after hair colour which tends to cause itchiness and allergies. It turned out to become a haircare staple, ideal for a weekly detox or after a hair colour to re-balance.

The best tips for scalp health:

If you are a frequent user of dry shampoo, I always recommend not sleeping with it.

Of course, it’s a great last-minute trick, however when you sleep, your skin absorbs everything and needs to breathe – dry shampoos suffocate the scalp and make it oily. It is important to always wash those off very well!

Another trick to avoid oily roots is to rinse your hair very thoroughly, we never rinse well enough, by not rinsing well the products coat the scalp and make it greasy, which means you have to wash it again, activating the production of sebum on your scalp.

The best way to detox:

Once a week, deep cleanse with the cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt – follow with a nourishing care or a conditioner on your ends only as it can be a bit drying or finish with a few sprays of the Hair finish lotion with sage vinegar, massage it into your scalp then towel dry your hair to remove the excess.

Depending on how many times a week you wash your hair, use the Purifying shampoo with jujube bark extract, it will be a more gentle and frequent option which will help re-balance your scalp all the while hydrating your lengths.

A conditioner is optional, however for optimal results I recommend using the Hair finish lotion with sage vinegar.

An extra tip:

In your Purifying shampoo with jujube bark extract, add a teaspoon of baking soda. It will boost its purifying properties and will leave your hair feeling fresh and dandruff free!

John Parker

John Parker

Writer and expert